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Ivana P

Sorry if I am transforming this in the off-topic thread; we may open another more directly connected to “owning choice”.

Thank you for your comment on something more on the issue of free choice in my case. When you were telling your story about the walk in the countryside, I was asking myself at the crossroad: “where would I go?” And I had no dilemma: I would turn left to see that gorgeous lake, instead going straight to the hotel. Why? Because I wouldn’t want to miss it at that very moment. Because of that expectation of something beautiful and also unknown to me. Because I would want to “get more” of the walk, even if I was tired. It seems that it has to do with attractiveness of the “left turn” compared to the plain, usual, common (boring?) “right turn”.
As I am hedonistic when it comes to food and enjoy preparing it, as much as eating, I do tend to make similar choices with food. I am ready to “turn right” even if I know it’s not the best choice for me: I would choose to explore and “get more”. More taste, more novelty, more whatever. So, I sense the outline of “something” in the darkness, but I have to explore it more. Knowing myself, it will probably take a while. It’s certainly an issue for me.

Just being curious and certainly off-topic:). How do we interpret our scores from the “Exploring Choice” exercise? I know my answers and the final result, but I am curious about what’s behind the number.