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What an interesting thread and very helpful to me.

I am fortunate in that I have no scales, but I can still fall into the trap of wondering whether my clothes are a bit looser, and so on. I find it difficult to separate ‘weight’ benefits from ‘health’ benefits, because it makes sense to think of weight loss as a health benefit.

To counter this, I have started making a few notes at the end of the day on what I have eaten, and then again making notes on how I feel first thing in the morning. From this, I can see some benefits that don’t relate to my weight. For example, if I have not eaten sugar addictively the day before, I wake up without a headache. There are also benefits in my mood: for example, on days when I have eaten well on healthy foods and haven’t binged, I am in a better mood during the next day. If I have binged the day before, I feel very irritable, and the slightest thing annoys me.

I know that at the moment I am being compliant rather than making genuine choices, and that’s something I need to work on, but just for now I am very relieved that I am not eating addictively, at least most of the time.