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Erin H

I can tell you personally my life is a million times better without the scale! I put it in my garage, didn’t throw it out completely, but I made it out of sight. I went from someone who weighed myself before and after I used the toilet! I loved seeing that number drop… But it also dictated my day, completely. I could be feeling great and think I’d see a result, then if it went up my mood was “ruined” and I had trouble getting past the disappointment for a while.

I know Gillian mentioned it already, and I want to confirm that it’s my experience, too… it’s hard to focus on the non-weight benefits when you are weighing yourself often!

What works for me to get out of the negative state is to work with my mind. Every time I think “I’m gaining weight, I can’t live like this….” and so on, I respond with encouragement and bring the focus back to the non-weight benefits. “Yes, I can do this! I haven’t binged in a day/my binge quantity decreased and I feel hopeful that I will continue to make progress/I was able to make a healthier choice for dessert based on what would feel good in my body.” Spending time daily with the course materials and keeping focused on what I’m learning keeps the material fresh in my mind so that I remember to take a stand.

I wonder, too, if owning your choice around weighing yourself is helpful. As in, “I can choose to weigh myself today and I have that option, but I own my whole choice including the results. I know that by weighing myself I’m choosing to keep the focus on my weight and that I may be disappointed in the number and feel sad/guilty/shame the rest of the day.”