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Thank you Louise for sharing your experience. I read Gillian’s book “Eating Less” some time ago, but this is the first time I have enrolled into her seminar. I totally agree with you that one of the few things that (occasionally) stops me from taking that first bite of a binge food is the fact that I know that I will eat the whole box of whatever that food is (and believe me, it is never celery sticks lol!). I look forward to learning how to have one biscuit with my tea without finishing the packet. For now, I take it one meal at a time, knowing I have the choice to eat something unhealthy at any time, but choosing not to do that to avoid the bloating or energy drop I get later on in the day. It is an easy idea to grasp, but hard to put into practice when constantly surrounded by temptation.
Here’s to every and each time we can choose wisely and to the support and tips the forum provides.
Have a great day!