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Hello Guadalupe

I think it sounds as if you have made progress in thinking about ‘forbidden’ foods, and you are now making a choice not to eat them sometimes, because they make you feel ill, not because you aren’t allowed to eat them.

One thing I have learned is that the changes in eating happen quite organically. For example, for years now I have been trying to break my habit of always eating croissants for breakfast at the weekend. The croissants I buy are not very good quality even, but I always felt deprived if I didn’t have them on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Just recently, I have changed the time when eat breakfast in the week, and now I walk with my dogs first for a couple of hours and then I have a later cooked brunch, such as fish, eggs, and salad, or tofu and salad. I am really enjoying these cooked brunches, so much more than the cereal or toast I normally eat in the week, and they are much better for me.

I’m enjoying them so much that this morning I didn’t go to buy croissants, because I really wanted my brunch instead. So although I didn’t make a decision’I will not eat croissants’ I have not eaten them today, and I feel as though that habit has a much weaker hold on me.

I don’t think to helps to try and be perfect – I have found my eating habits are evolving because I am thinking through all the outcomes of my choices.