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Hi Gillian! Thanks to answer me, Im woth the radar about weight more active so now I notice all those messages and comments my family does, not only to me. They dont want to gain weight, if they eat something “unhealthy” they say “this is fat people food” or something like that. And.. Hello! I am fat now!
Ive tried to let them know those messages are bad to me, but they keep doing it. They judged themselves about eating this or that, and if they eat pizza or pasta or something like that one day they said “oh no tomorrow we start eating salads again”.
And all those messages are doing focus in weight, in prohibitive thinking and the thing is … if they do it when they are not fat, what Im suppose to do? Or what they think Im suppose to do? Eat salad with chicken until I lose this 20kg? If Im not doing that, it doesnt mean Im not doing anything..

Luckily, I dont leave with them, but I have a stretch relationship and we talk everyday, and see each other once or twice a week. Im trying to move the focus of the shape and weight of my body but is hard sometimes with this messages.
I know they dont do it in a bad way or conscius, but the problem is they do it.
When it happens, I breathe and think that is not personal, and that Im doing well in not doing the same things and trying another way to solve this.

At the moment, I think I didnt lose any weight because Im overeating sometimes, but I know that time will come and I hope I can handle it.