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Hi Gillian! Your words are so helpful! You can´t imagine how helpful they are!

Motivation: Im thinking of non weight benefits. I´ve also made a list and Im going to put it in my closet in this days. I´ve also write down the questions to put it also in the closet or somewhere I will see daily. And Im moving the focus of the shape of my body to another sensations. And also everytime that comes the impulse to go to the scale, I tell myself that it doestn work, that If I did it like that almost for 20 years and nothing changes, so is that it doesn’t work. But this about thinking on motivation before doing something is ok only for scales at the moment. And sometimes on food. The motivation makes me do a better choice.

Choice: I remind myself that bad choices are still choices and I remind myself when Im going to overeat that is my choice, and also remind on motivation before making a choice, but is hard to make that “click” to choice what I really want for myself. It’s like I can’t move from that place and move on to the next step or place to make any change. I can’t move from that place and stop doing it. I don’t know how to make that “click”. Maybe is that I need to stop, think, and ask myself certain questions before making a decision to whether or not eat something. Be more conscious and less automatically.

Desire: I think that here I need to apply was I telling you in “choice”. About stop, think and ask my self questions before making a decision to do something. Recognizing this addictive desire. To do this maybe I need to do that of recognize when I have them most, for example: alone. And try to be more alert about that. For example, it also happens to me when Im in the car alone going somewhere, I buy something in the supermarket and then I eat while driving. And this happen a lot. So maybe make a list of this habits and try to modify them by thinking and asking questions to myself.