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Barbara D

Hello Guadalupe,
Thanks for replying. I am going to step away from the scales for a bit as Gillian advises. Now is the time of day I would normally weigh myself. Not today.
I need to keep in touch with my non weight motivation. That is the difficult thing for me and I‘ve been thinking about it over the course of yesterday and I think that I am forgetting that I have a choice here and risking depriving myself. It’s so important to keep paying attention to what I am telling myself about food and body image and keep focussing on non weight motivations and reminding myself that I have a choice.
The family have food things on display In my kitchen at the moment that I look at and catch myself saying “you are not allowed those” but I am remembering to catch myself and tell myself I can eat them if I want but I am choosing not to. It’s the motivation for that which I need to work on I think. Oh and I did eat one in a planned way as a desert after dinner two days ago.