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Barbara, these are such great questions you are asking; you are clearly engaged in the process, the journey, rather than the destination of a certain amount of weight lost. Wonderful!

“I am finding it difficult to know if I am eating the right amount…I may not eat enough.”
I aim to eat as little as I can without running out of energy, either physical or mental, throughout the day, and without disrupting my sleep through the night. Every day you can discover a bit more about that, but make sure you do this in a flexible and imperfect way, rather than to have rigid rules. I also pay attention to the quality: less manufactured and processed, and more real food.

“How do I know that I am not just in a compliance phase of my usual yo-yo dieting pattern.”
In compliance it’s a bit too easy, and for most people, it’s a bit too perfect (rigid). I’ll speak more about this later, but for now just notice that this might be going on. You are probably familiar with how the compliance phase ends, after weight loss and/or after some overeating. I will cover this.

“I’m not sure I know how to eat enough without overeating.”
What a fantastic thing to be learning! There is very good room for error. All you need is to be willing to get it ‘wrong’ sometimes, to be continuing to learn about this, and not to aim for the illusion of ‘perfection’.