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Julie Mann

Gillian I really appreciate hearing you say this, as it’s something new I’m playing with: “I aim to eat as little as I can without running out of energy, either physical or mental, throughout the day, and without disrupting my sleep through the night. Every day you can discover a bit more about that, but make sure you do this in a flexible and imperfect way, rather than to have rigid rules. I also pay attention to the quality: less manufactured and processed, and more real food.”

In the past I did the exact opposite, I’d see how much I could get away with eating AND still either lose or maintain my weight. This time around I’m doing just what you mention, seeing how little I can eat and still feel well. It’s been remarkable to see just how little food my body actually needs in comparison with the overfeeding I was doing. AND how in doing so, I get to work through desire and then all the non weight benefits that come from eating less.