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Jessica, this is tough but it can be made better so I’m glad you posted this.

First of all, your husband’s comments do not limit your own free choices at all. You have already lied to him, hid things from him, and no doubt overeaten in front of him. You’ve done that consistently enough to have gained over 100 pounds – so you can continue to do that, yes?

The big key for you will be to refuse to get into any conversation with him about your eating, your weight or anything you’re learning here. If he tries to choose your food for you, say, “yes, dear” and smile at him but say nothing more than that. Then make the choice you would have done, or now choose for yourself if that’s different now.

If you choose a salad, know you can get a burger another time, maybe when he’s not around.

This is not about trying to get him to change his ways. The way forward for you is to connect with your own freedom of choice (privately) and to not discuss any of it with him at all.