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I’ve been thinking about this, Renee, but still not sure if I have a good answer for you, and it might be that this is something for you to figure out, especially whether any part of your food planning is having a prohibitive influence.

It may help you to be clear about your intention when planning your meals for the day: is it a practical and necessary part of organising the family food or is it an attempt to control your overeating? And alongside this, it may help you to think in terms of “plans” with a small “p” as being different to “Plans” with a large “P” – the latter being the technique I describe to help you to identify and manage your addictive desire.

You say, for example, that you overeat at your evening meal, even though it’s “healthy food”. So you plan what you’re going to be buying, preparing and cooking for the family – and just before you begin to start eating, you make your Plan to eat less than you would have done with the intention of working through addictive desire at the end of that meal.

I hope this helps.