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Jennie P

Hi Everyone

Yesterday was a difficult day and I was tired and grumpy. I was so tired that I Even had difficulty in concentrating on the Webinar. Then today I got up feeling rebellious and I felt fat and overweight and weighed myself for the first time for weeks. Then I weighed my porridge and felt I was slipping into the diet mentality.

As I work from home I got cracking with that and felt much better as I had lots to do. Tonight the family bought in some pizzas and I did have 3 pieces but didn’t stop to make a choice. Then I went into the fridge looking for chocolate and found a cream egg, took it out began to unwrap and then stopped – the Addictive Desire slide was in front of me and I did just what it said and the Creme egg went back into the fridge untouched.

Hopefully I’ve taken a small step to success.