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Hi Gillian!
Yes, maybe the click I need is my choice to allow the desire unsatisfied and let me know that Im not going to die for that and life goes on. Yesterday I did it in 3 or 4 different situations with differents cues and here I am, feeling better with my decisions of yesterday.
I´m specially in a moment of more anxiety and a mix of differents feelings that sometimes I can´t handle them really well and I overeat (my husband is leaving home this week, the relationship is over).
So, for example, he leaves on thursday and I ´ve found myself telling me that the same thursday Im going to go to a shop to buy some stuff to do a typical argentinian dessert that I love (Im an argentinian leaving in spain and I really like the ´dulce de leche´)
But when I´ve realized of that I change my mind and do not plan anything at all, just tell myself “you can eat it when you want, you decide on thursday what you want to do”.