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Thank you for all of this wonderful feedback, Ivana, and especially for your special word nesit, which I wish I knew how to pronounce!

As for your question, it’s not a good idea to aim to work through desire each and every time it appears. This can lead to some kind of ‘perfect’ eating, which can then easily tip into an “all-or-none” mindset where you either have 100% control or none at all. So always best to aim for percentages or degrees of success.

In general, I do think that working with one problematic overeating behaviour at a time is a good way forward, but what you choose to work on is of course very much up to you. As the ideas and techniques I’ve been explaining seem to be clicking well for you, by all means go ahead and use them as much and whenever you want – in an imperfect way.

You have experienced the effectiveness of “meeting and peacefully coexisting” with your nesit, and that’s the most important thing.