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Julie Mann

Louise what a great realization.
Side note, I write my NSV’s daily as well, have done that for years. It’s a very good practice, helping me focus on what really matters and what I can always experience NOW regardless of my weight/size.
Back to the use of plans to awaken desire. How true that is. When I commit to a smaller portion, boy do I hear that addictive voice, usually it says, “that’s not enough”, something connected to lack. It is in those moments that I pause, breathe, and remind myself that it’s plenty, that I will eat slowly and savor it, AND that I can handle the slightly uncomfortable feeling of wanting more and not satisfying it because not only will that feeling pass, but when it does I will be so glad that I let it pass. I focus on how amazing I’ll feel the next day, etc.
Having said that, there are still many days when I bypass this and take extra food.
The great news is that as Gillian keeps reminding us, perfection isn’t required or possible. So even with these days when I do take more food, I’m still so much better off than I was years ago. And taking a macro view of it all, most days I eat far less!