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Hi Jodi

“I am sitting here trying to figure out what the trigger was” There’s not a lot of value in that; you may never know the cue, and it doesn’t make much difference even if you do. Often there are many converging cues: on your own, after dinner, off work the next day, etc, etc.

I wonder if this is about rebelling or if it’s more about not addressing, accepting, coming to terms with your addictive desire? Or perhaps Working Through when the desire is easy and brief but not when it’s stronger?

You ask if there’s another way to help reinforce your Plan for dinner; I’d say, Working Through Desire. This is the application of the technique.

If you come home after work and are hungry, why not eat something? You could Time and/or Plan a good snack. Then, you could deal with your desire while preparing the meal, as it seems to be part of the ‘out of control’ quality you say you’re fed up with.

Let me know if this makes sense!