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lara w

This is a wonderful topic for me. I relate to everything said, including Gillian’s advice to work through the addictive desire. For me, it’s going to take some time. I notice that I’ve been doing very well working through that desire sometimes, like for two days, and then yesterday, the desire just crept up on me and I ate 2 bananas with peanut butter while I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I had just eaten a very satisfying meal, and the addictive desire was there, but I failed to recognize it in time. Patience, compassion, and equanimity need to come into play, giving myself recognition when I practice the “ working through” part, and perhaps fail to practice it every now and again. I always have a choice! I have a feeling that I’ll eventually work through the addictive desire more and more often until it becomes a part of me.