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Julie Mann

Wow Gillian, YES it is fear that has blocked me from seeing that there have ALWAYS been two paths, that I’ve ALWAYS been in charge, etc. And I’m guessing it’s because I was 11 when my mother put me on my first diet, and truly did NOT have a choice, so that patterning was imprinted early.

Anyway, it truly is that simple, two paths are always open to me along with the consequences of each choice. And in so many moments of my day I’m choosing based on outcomes, without any drama or fear. I clearly see those two paths and make the best choice or I don’t, and then I reevaluate without and sense of failure as a human being. How funny that with food each choice can feel like life or death, like I’m either an ax murderer or a saint. I say that with a smile because not only is it ridiculous, but some of the other bad choices I make in other areas, where I don’t feel that sense of total failure, are far more significant (related to parenting, work, financial choices, etc.).

I could go on and on…anyway huge aha for me.

And as for the Ella quote, firstly, she’s my favorite female singer, and second of all, I love how hopeful and forward focused the message is.

Thank you!