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Lisa, I’d be interested to hear why you think IF might be helpful in taking control of food addiction.

I’m not sure that mindset is EVERYTHING but it is essential, especially in the longer term. When you are able to think effectively about what you are and aren’t eating, everything else follows after that as a result.

For example, by eating less of the carbohydrates such as sugar and wheat, insulin and leptin sensitivity improves as a result, and that, in turn, helps you to eat less.

But if you are focussed on weight loss, refusing to acknowledge your freedom of choice and/or fighting/avoiding addictive desire, you are likely to resume overeating no matter what has happened to your biochemistry.

Although I believe IF to be beneficial to health, I usually don’t advise it until you’ve got your mindset sorted because you’re unlikely to see lasting behaviour change. And that can be disheartening and increase a sense of failure and hopelessness.