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I can really relate to this problem, because although I live alone and it’s easy not to have things like that in my house, I often visit my sister. She’s one of those people who can have stacks of addictive food in the house and just eat very small amounts. She’s very good at delayed gratification – so good, in fact that the chocolate sometimes goes mouldy before she has eaten it!

I also have this problem when I have visitors. I have always been a keen baker, so I make homemade cakes for my visitors – and when they have left, am left with my own delicious homemade cakes sitting in a tin!

Sometimes I give my cakes to my neighbour, who has two children (I reckon they are at least healthier than the processed cakes they would otherwise eat). Sometimes, I throw the cake in the bin to stop myself eating it. But at other times, in answer to Alison’s comments above, I go through the Outline when faced with my sister’s addictive food or the homemade cake I have in the house. I then eat it over a period of time, sensibly and in a way I feel okay with.

It doesn’t always work, and sometimes can’t help myself from eating a lot, especially of my own cakes where no one can see me. But this is one of the things I want to change, so I will keep working through it. I will say, however, that when I first started Gillian’s course some years ago, I could not have done this. It’s only because I have worked through my addictive desire on less challenging things that I now feel able to tackle this very strong habit.

So maybe Jenny, you need to get the food out of the house while you work up to being able to have it in the house and to eat it in moderation. I think, if it’s too hard to do that, getting it out of the house will be a stepping stone towards being able to live with it.

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