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That sounds really nice Erin. My older sister did Couch to 5 k and really enjoyed it – similar thing with the community. I think Park Runs are really encouraging too.

In answer to Jennifer, though, I would say that the desire to exercise more may come as your self-esteem improves through eating less. I certainly found this. Although I walk quite a lot (I have three dogs), when I feel low, I don’t walk them; they just go in the garden. That can go on for weeks at a time, when I feel so low I don’t want to go out at all.

However, one of the non-weight motivations I have noticed is that when I eat less, I feel more positive about going out and walking, and I have more energy to do that. As a consequence, I have been walking with my dogs a bit more than usual, and finding it physically easier to do that because I am not feeling bloated, headachey or tired as a result of overeating. So for example, I sometimes do an extra walk in the evening with them now, which I never did before, especially if they have already been for a walk earlier in the day

So you may find that as your energy increases, and you start to feel better, you will just naturally want to take more exercise, in whatever form that comes.