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Hi everyone. I kept thinking about in which other area I behave as I do with food or in which area Im the contrary…

It could be that just as I respond to food, I respond the same way to other issues such as money? That having a bad relationship with food can be related also to have a bad relationship with money and shopping?

In my case, I´ve realized that when I’m anxious, I don’t really know if it’s anxiety or I’m just not well but I don’t know exactly what it is. Ive realized that in that situation besides binging, I eat my nails a lot . And I spent more money and I dont care about it. It is like thinking that I should save, or look more at what I spend, and I end up spending more. As with the roller coaster of diets… It’s thinking that I want to weightloss or stop eating like this, so I shouldn’t eat this or that, and I end up eating even more. Does this have any relation in the brain?