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Jessica and All,

As for where to start, it’s important for you to choose. The aim is to experience your addictive desire to eat and to “Work Through” the desire. How or when you do that is up to you. Yes, your all-or-none thinking is getting in the way, so consider letting that go, as it will continue to present problems.

As for the arguments you have inside your brain, keep in mind I have simplified an outrageously complex system, but it looks to me more like you’re describing conversations you have had within the limbic system, which is why it doesn’t really get you anywhere.

There are very specific steps to take in order to activate the PFC. You have them in the “Working Through Desire” video, and the mp3 audio, and a video on the published research demonstrating that each part of the “Working Through” technique does in fact contribute to activating the PFC. All in Week 3.

I would say that “you don’t need that right now” isn’t part of that activation, and seems it could be a bit of a stern parental voice.

This is a great question, Jessica. I’m pleased you posted it and think many will learn from this.