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Renée L

Hi Lisa!

After reading through all of the comments on your initial post, it sounds like you have come to your own conclusions regarding IF.

I, too, explored using IF as a pathway for healing food addiction and the AD (this was about 2 years ago before finding Gillian) and while it helped me in ways I had not anticipated (it helped me learn a lot about my own hunger patterns, not to fear natural hunger, etc) it did not:

help me stop overeating
help put an end to bingeing
help me lose weight (which was another reason I had tried it, after reading The Obesity Code)

What ended up happening as well, which I had not anticipated, was that it created “more rules and restrictions” and “new excuses and justifications” to eat that I had never used before trying IF. Fasting became my new jail cell, and so my brain created new keys to unlock that cell.

I’m not sure what you have decided about IF, and please know that I am only sharing my personal experiences. I know that IF is always available as a choice, and the discipline I learned by using IF has helped me apply Times and Plans, for example, I know that my hunger won’t kill me and that I won’t die!