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Great idea Julia, I like the idea of this thread.

Like you, I used Times very successfully when I did the previous course back in October last year. I found that it helped me to eat my dinner earlier in the evening, at about 5.30pm, which meant I went to bed feeling more comfortable and I slept better. I worked out that if I ate at the time and then got up at 6, as I normally do, it was virtually a 12-hour stretch of allowing my body to digest the food, so no wonder I felt so much better. Who needs fasts?!

I am using Plans now on this second course to try and eat less at each meal. I just put a bit less than I want on my plate, and also decide what I will have for pudding before I eat my first course. This has really awakened my addictive desire, and sometimes I have felt a bit hungry after my evening meal especially. But that hunger is almost always my addictive desire, and I know that if I am hungry I can always eat a bit more – for example, I got hungry at about 7pm last night after my Time and Plan, and I just ate a few nuts and pieces of cheese.

I have had one binge outside my Plan since the webinar, but I managed to go through the Outline and stop before I had eaten everything that was available to me (in this case, a set of miniature chocolate bars). I managed to stop at three, which is a miracle for me!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing Times and Plans.

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