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Clare C

I’m not dairy-free but I’m not a big fan of cows’ milk on its own rather than as an ingredient, so tend to go for rice milk on cereal.

Thanks – I think what you say is a very fair point and will likely make a big difference. As you could no doubt tell from my justification of Rice Krispies it doesn’t sit very well with what I think of as a good breakfast. Whilst I’m working from home for the next few weeks it’s a good time to try something different for breakfast and I will do that.

I think the desire may also “build” because I frequently feel I have to deny myself certain foods or sometimes even food at all during the day in order to deal with IBS symptoms whilst I am working. When I get home / stop working and am “safe” I overeat. This makes things worse in so many ways and so the cycle continues. It’s easy to see intellectually that this is bonkers but much harder to actually sort out! Having said that, I have already seen small successes with your methods such as starting to recognise that I am choosing not to eat certain foods because the outcome is likely to be negative, rather than petulantly telling myself I “can’t” have them – so I am hopeful. Thanks again.