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I am grateful for this thread of times and plans. I think this is such a useful method. My addictive desire is no mystery and comes after dinner. I used times and plans last night. I had had dinner at 8 and said I couldn’t eat again until 10. Unfortunately I felt so much discomfort and realized I buffer with little handfuls of cereal and candy while putting my kids to bed. And of course that late in the night, I then don’t sleep well. One of my biggest non-weight reasons to end overeating is to sleep better.
I do need to shift my rating to earlier in the day. I’m naturally not that hungry or desirous for food until late in the day.
My work here is to work through the discomfort of feeling desire for more food and not acting on it.
I’ve been less active on the forums and can never attend the live calls so forgive me!!! But my heart is here! I love this content.