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I’ve loved this discussion on Choice and I love the example of making a decision regarding walking near the lake. I also make decisions every day in my life around all sorts of things and never feel deprived, like I have always felt regarding food.

I had my choices regarding food and eating taken away from me when I was about 11 or 12. I (believe it or not) gained weight when I was almost 11 and had been in hospital for 6 to 7 weeks. When I came home from hospital my weight gain was a topic of conversation and I did feel bigger, when I returned to school. My mother started monitoring my food and giving me lots of “diet type” foods. I wasn’t allowed to eat a lot of the things my friends at school would eat. This and other things started my life long (I’m now in my very late 50’s!) denial of choice and it’s been very hard to change how I think about this. I think I am coming to a much better place though.

I also remember that I didn’t have a weight problem before my hospital visit, where the nurses overfed me ice cream, I ate too much at meals and had no exercise and that I have had a time in my life where I did have choice and my eating wasn’t a problem. If I hadn’t been made to feel that I had a problem and been left to just go back to eating like I had before my hospital visit, this may not have been the issue it has been all these years. So in effect I’ve realised, that the way my brain is now, is not how it always was. This was such a big thing for me to realise, just in the last few weeks.

Thank you Julie for starting this thread and the input from everyone. xx