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dear all, I think the forum is really great.
Times and Plans is the method by which I managed to have the urgent need for chocolate much much much less in the afternoon between lunch and dinner at about 16:00. It has become much paler, and when I see chocolate from my colleague with whom I share the room, I work through my AD., which is not so strong anymore. In our office kitchen there’s always something delicious around, cakes, cookies, chocolate. I can live better with that too, because I tell myself that I have the free choice to eat from it, but I use Times, an decide, when I will eat from it at the earliest. And most of the time it’s not urgent anymore, when the time comes, I forget that there’s something in the kitchen. It’s so liberating for me.
After dinner I usually had a feeling of hunger, although I had eaten a lot. Here too Times got me something, and in the meantime I no longer feel hungry after eating.
With plans for dinner I have different experiences, sometimes I don’t feel like making a Plan anddon´t want to feel my AD, I just eat. Nevertheless, the amount I eat has become smaller. Sometimes I use Plans, and then I feel my AD clearly and work my way through. Not always easy, but if I can do it, I’m glad. Overall I have become more relaxed and friendly to myself when I eat too much or do not keep my appointment with me.
And I feel my non-weight motivation to not have heartburn and therefore sleep better, every morning clearly. It has become so much better that i didn`t needed the medicin against heartburn for weeks.
I’m so happy that Gillian’s course exists and the opportunity to participate again and again. Thanks for that and for the wonderful opportunity to read from others experiences in the forum.