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It’s so good reading these experiences and the different ways people describe their understanding.

Today, thanks to Times and Plans I succeeded in something I always find difficult, which is a morning coffee with some friends. There is always a selection of cakes, and plates laid out for everyone, and it feels anti social not to eat cake along with everyone else, and makes me look weird.

However, I’d eaten my usual brunch, and my next Time was lunchtime, so it felt quite normal and natural just to say this (without reference to T&Ps of course). I just said, truthfully, that I’d had a very satisfying brunch that morning and didn’t feel ready to eat again, but maybe I could take a slice home for later – all the time reminding myself that I could change my mind and eat some cake with my coffee there and then.

And all that was accepted by my friends without any pressure! I duly took a small slice of cake home, and put it into my Plan for the afternoon, and just enjoyed it.

I felt so happy that I had owned my choice, and done what I wanted to do, not what other people wanted or expected. This is a big breakthrough for me 🙂