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Julia R

It is the evening window of time that trips me up. That is when I want sugar. What I meant by saying “the evening snacks” are my concern—this comes from your comment that a healthy treat will only take me so far and will not eliminate by desire for addictive foods.
I have been eating 72% dark chocolate. It comes in a 3 oz bar and can be broken into 5 pieces. I have one piece. If I eat more than one piece the caffeine keeps me up at night and I do not like that outcome. So I chose one piece. I eat 10-12 almonds with the dark chocolate. I can continue to have this healthy snack—what I consider to be healthy and not full of sugar. And I am honestly content with this snack. However, your comment that it will only take me so far is my concern.
So long term do I fade it out? Based on your comment, I am thinking I may want to have a plan to change it up somehow. Hope this post has more clarity.
And to answer your question “is there anything more specific that I don’t like about my evening snacks?” The evening is a challenge because at times this snack does not satisfy me. However, when I ask myself after dinner “What do I want to have for a snack in one hour?” I make a plan and I have the expectation to eat just that (it may be something else like berries). At times I have experienced an AD for something else and I have worked thru that desire. And chose not to have more—and more means reaching for something to satisfy my sugar craving (toast with honey, my husband’s ice cream bars/sandwiches) My challenge is choosing these tools you have provided. What are thoughts about an evening snack based on this info? I feel like your comment of it only taking me so far, sets me up for overeating, choosing sugar. Thanks for your time helping me sort this out.