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Julia R

I have been working with Gillian or her books for approx 7 years. Please do not let that fact discourage you. Maybe she is talking about me being the slowest! LOL! Five years ago I veered off and tried hypnosis. Then came back. Two years ago I was caring for my Dad and his estate and now I am back. Since working with Gillian I have learned so much and put so much into practice. Many years ago I stopped being afraid of potlucks and going out with friends to eat. I use to avoid them. Now I chose to just do my best making healthy choices because I want to feel good after my meal. We are all in different places. The dots have to be connected very close together for me to grasp new info. That is just how I learn. It really is best for us not to compare, even though I have done that too. A struggle for one person is easy for another. Keep hangin in!