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Hello Archie

“i act too fast and end up eating the food/snack after my dinner which is so frustrating”

– I assume it’s a considerable amount of food/snack after dinner if you are waking up with fear and dread about it, yes?

– At the time you begin to eat your dinner, are you aware you’ll feel this addictive desire when you get to the end of your meal?

– Is it possible for you to “make your choices in the shops” with regard to whatever it is?

– And/or is it possible for you to keep this food in a place that’s more complicated to reach, so that you at least become aware of your addictive desire before you begin to eat it?

My guess is you’re experiencing strong rebellion against a denial of choice. It would be helpful for us both if you did the exercises in the course to identify that, especially 1.8, 1.9, 2.5, 3.6 and 4.4

As for your motivation, by far the best non-weight motivation is in the form of something you’ve actually experienced, and you won’t have seen that if you haven’t eaten any less yet.