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Dear Gillian
Thank you for your reply. Sorry I messaged in 2 different forums.

1.Yes it is indeed..the dread /fear is that I am letting myself down again and that why I am not able to trust myself not to over eat

2 I am almost certain that I will get the desire at the end of my meal on most occassions.

3Yes..interestingly in shops I can be super good and have walked away from temptations (I am a completely different person though at home surpriingly enough (its like double personality!!)

4. A bit challenging with my husband and kids stocking these sorts of snacks every where in house. I have pleaded them to keep them out of my reach and they repeatedly fail to do so. I have at times thrown such foods in the bin and they were not happy about my doing.

5.I must have missed the exercises..i will look at course material again

Thank you