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Renee, I love your commitment to this approach. Like you, I find myself using a lot of headspace as well as actual time throughout the day to focus on Motivation, Choice and Desire. I am making notes throughout the day and very consciously and deliberately looking for opportunities to work through my desire and to remain be conscious that I always have a choice. And yes – re-running the webinars at every opportunity, for example I listen to them when I am cooking and eating. This is how I think of ‘Taking a Stand’ – really committing heart and soul to Gillian’s approach and seeing it through, no matter what the distractions. it’s definitely my number one priority at the moment.

And it’s working for me. This past week, I have really enjoyed my meals, and starting a new tradition of the sort of things I eat. The tinnitus that had developed over the past two years has virtually gone, and I am getting fewer headaches. I also have more energy and am conscious that when I do become tired, it is because I am genuinely tired, not suffering a ‘sugar slump’.

Thank you for sharing your strategies and experiences.