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Hi Alison, I really got what you said about being lazy, and also fearful that this approach won’t work. I could really relate to that. I wonder, have you considered whether what you are calling ‘laziness’ could be a justification for continuing to overeat? You say you are too lazy to try out some changes, but that ‘laziness’ also means you can continue to eat the foods that you want to eat less of. Just a thought, because I have found that almost anything can be brought in as justification for continuing to overeat. I have had some truly ridiculous reasons for doing so!

I think, in terms of missing the foods that I love, I see that as a choice – Gillian’s method does not say I can’t eat all those things. I can continue to eat all my favourite cakes, biscuits etc, and I’m free to go back to that way of eating if I want to. There is a price to pay, in terms of my long-term health and various short-term outcomes, such as the headaches and tinnitus I get when I eat a lot of sugar and fat, but I can decide they are a price worth paying. At the moment, though, I’m enjoying the health benefits of choosing to work through my addictive desire instead of eating unhealthy food. That discomfort is also a price I pay for better health, and I find it preferable to the cycle of bingeing and then feeling stupid and guilty for having done so.

Hope this helps! I love this forum as it is so good to compare notes.

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