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Renée L

Hi Alison and Everyone!

Thanks so much for your post. In response to your question, Alison, no, I have not been taking Gillian’s class for a year. I realize my post was vague and unclear about this, and I am sorry if I led you to believe otherwise. That was not my intention.

What I should have said was that about a year and a half ago I came across information and techniques for how to dismiss and process urges. That is where I learned about some of the techniques that I mentioned (timer, urge jar, breathing). I did have limited success in using these techniques, but what I realize now that I did not know then, was that the information I had was, although helpful to some degree, incomplete.

Prior to reading her books and taking this current course, I was still using weight loss as a primary motivator and had no clear understanding of Gillian’s framework of addiction and how to apply her 3 Themes to my personal journey.

Although the techniques I mentioned helped me make some progress (I became less fearful of the feelings and learned to sit with them and observe them; this was totally new to me!). The main reason I made limited progress and started backsliding into old behaviors (overeating and bingeing) was because I was still denying Choice, fighting my Addictive Desire and trying to use weight loss as my main motivation. It never occurred to me to do otherwise! This locked me into a negative self-defeating cycle that left me feeling hopeless and confused.

I now have a better understanding of how to “put this all together” (Gillian’s framework plus techniques) to move me further along to create the balance I want with food and my body and especially my mind!

I hope this clarifies everything and sorry for any confusion my previous post may have caused.

I hope I have made myself clear with this explanation.