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Julie Mann

Louise BRILLIANT! So true that my brain gives me the MOST RIDICULOUS reasons to justify overeating. As Gillian says, they are always the most plausible to fit the moment I’m in, and then the next day they are so clearly absurd.
And Renee, thank you for sharing your journey, so helpful and inspiring. And bravo for applying all the tools in your toolbelt.
Finally, to both of you, I too have found that it’s critical to take a stand on all of Gillian’s themes, I revisit the videos. regularly, I cycle through when courses aren’t in session, and I’ve retaken the course to hone in and remind myself of the key points. Also because Gillian keeps finding new and improved ways of explaining things, and I always learn something new. And I find that it applies more broadly to life – feeling all emotions, discomfort, sadness, etc. Noticing other patterns I want to change around spending/saving money and also in my relationships and how I communicate. Such good stuff!

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