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Alison M

Louise, Renee, Gillian–this is all so helpful, thank you!

Gillian, your comments are brilliant and have created a real breakthrough for me today–I think. Are you saying that it’s reasonable to be afraid of both success & failure because that fear logically flows from . . . ? Not 100% sure I follow you but I think you are saying: I am assuming that I know (and therefore have cause to fear) long-term consequences of the choices I make now. Also I am assuming that I know what will be the consequences of decisions I make at some point in the future.

But you are saying that it’s a better mindset to not even think about long-term consequences–right? Because it doesn’t help to think through long-term decisions?

Is a better strategy to think simply “If I choose to exert my freedom of choice now to eat this, I’ll also have these (xyz non-weight) consequences, right away/soon. And if I choose to exert my freedom of choice right now to NOT eat this, I’ll then have these different (abc non-weight) consequences, right away/soon. But I can choose either one, and it’s just for now, so who knows whatever success or failure I may have next week or next year. I am just choosing for now. I’ll just wait and see how this plays out and then figure out decisions for the next meal/day at that time. I can always change my mind in the future.”

Is that what you are getting at? Wow, that is really odd. Just so very different from the “default settings” of my thought patterns. This brain-changing stuff is a different type of work and it’s stretching.

Thanks for your patience teaching all of us! You have such insight into how to wrestle with thought patterns and make step by step changes . . . .