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Barbara D

Hi all. I am also struggling to find non weight loss motivation particularly I think as I am someone for whom weight loss as a motivation works very well for a few months. My pattern over they last few years has been to loose and regain the same 18 lbs. When I am in an overeating phase I put on weight really fast and when I am dieting I lose weight very fast. When I am overeating I tell myself I can very easily lose weight again when I want to. It takes reaching a point where I literally have no clothes that fit to get motivated to loose the weight again. Each cycle is usually a year. Slim in summer for holiday by January no clothes fit. I rarely buy larger clothes. I do buy a lot of clothes that don’t fit even at the time I buy them and feel miserable that I can’t wear them.

So doing this course and reading Gillian’s book has been an amazing revelation. I am working through desire and feeling less out of control with my eating. I think I am recognising choice but most of my motivation if not directly weight related it is indirectly for example I want to be able to wear my nice clothes.

I am wondering if part of my choice is to choose to eat even less so that I loose weight- but this would be a diet.

Do I need to accept my overweight self and buy new clothes. This is very hard for me to accept that this is my size and not waste of money. I suspect buying clothes- ridiculously, a size or two too small is another addiction. I love clothes more than cake!!

Does anyone else get this? I think I have conceptualised the principles of Gillian’s method but I am not “feeling it” yet perhaps I just need to give it time. If I was looking at a friend or family member following my pattern of behaviour around food I would think that breaking that cycle would be a valuable change and this should perhaps be my motivation.

Sorry this is so long. It has actually been quite helpful to me to write it out. Not sure if it should be a new thread but didn’t want to start another on non weight motivation.