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Hello Barbara:
I tell you my experience. When I was younger (I am 45) I had two or three different sizes in my wardrobe. When I was thinner (usually in summer) I wore the smallest ones and fatter the largest ones. I’ve bought smaller sizes in order to lose weight until it fits me…. Fortunately, this is a behavior I get rid of many years ago when I get rid of any diets. I worked hard to accept that my body maybe don’t change. And if it changes, I will be able to buy the size which fits me in this moment. I threw away or gave all the small sizes which didn’t fit me. I did the same with large sizes.
I felt so liberated as well as getting rid of diets. I am the same person no matter my body size is. And I am fat. That was a great step for me and getting rid os scale as well. I found my non-weight motivations which I can notice in hours/days… Weight loss is longer to notice. I hope this helps you.