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Oops pressed submit by mistake 😬. I was just saying that I have also focused on weight loss in the past, which was reinforced at Slimming clubs, where everything hinged on loss. Even a loss as insignificant as 1lb would set my mood for the week, which was so silly now I look back. I had friends who would starve themselves the morning of weigh in so that they would show a loss.

I have found that the feedback from non weight motivation is very rapid, like waking up in the morning without a headache because I haven’t eaten chocolate the day before. The other day, someone commented on how healthy my hair looks, which was great as it’s a non weight compliment! My hair does seem a bit thicker and shinier since I stopped eating trans fats and have olive oil or hemp seed oil instead. Those wouldn’t have been allowed at Slimming World, but I know they are much better for me, regardless of whether they will help me lose weight, and being healthy is more important to me than my size.

I have lost a bit of weight, so I packed the clothes that are too small for me away, so I am not tempted to try them on to see if they fit. I wear my larger, looser clothes, elasticated waist etc because if my clothes are at all tight, it makes me focus on my size, which I don’t want to do. That has the added benefit that no one has noticed my weight loss, so I don’t get the pressure that comes with comments and compliments.

Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar tonight, where I’m sure Gillian will shed more light on all of this.