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Julie Mann

This is such an important conversation. Barbara I can fully identify with everything you’ve shared. And I have made it a practice to journal every morning and every evening about non weight motivation. I am not quite able to redirect my brain every time I have a thought about my weight, but this regular practice of noticing the non weight motivation in writing has been very powerful for me. It’s a great reminder that when I eat less I sleep better, feel more in my integrity, trust myself more, have more energy, am in a better mood, am able to get more done all day, am a better parent, girlfriend. I also have more fun in life. It’s all quite priceless. And though weight is still present for me, when I think about the non weight motivation, even just writing it here, I feel an INSTANT boost and realize I get to have those things now at any size and going forward just by choosing the path of feeling well.