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Hi Renée and Julie and everyone reading

It was me who asked about self esteem and I found Gillian’s response gave me food for thought (excuse the pun).

On reflection, I think that self esteem is almost something that if you look for it too closely, it slips away. I’ve been experiencing really great physical benefits from using Gillian’s approach, as I’ve mentioned, so instead of thinking too much about self esteem, I am reminding myself of how well I have applied the techniques. I think that in itself makes me feel more empowered and better about myself, without really considering self esteem as a separate goal.

To take this forward and keep my busy mind occupied, I am following up some of the research and videos Gillian has suggested around the best sort of food to eat. So much of the current advice contradicts what I have always been told about nutrition! But I find it all really fascinating, and I am going to try out some of the new guidance, for example on anti inflammatory foods, as a learning experience.

I really believe that learning something new and really getting engaged and interested in it is another indirect way of raising my self esteem. So, what I’m saying is that by keeping my mind off self esteem per se, but being active and interested in improving my health in its own right, I hope that instead of feeling a bit inadequate or unsure, I will gain self confidence and belief in myself.

That’s a bit garbled so I hope it makes sense! Would really like to hear other thoughts on self esteem.