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Gen S

I’ve just been listening to the Q&A session where Gillian talks about the non-weight motivation for someone at a smaller size (I think the original question was from someone wanting to get to a size 8). Personally I have stayed around the same size for a long time but my eating has been so out of control. Although I am physically in the healthy weight range, my eating habits are so destructive and upsetting to me. So for me non-weight benefits are huge and they include all the emotional aspects such as feeling in control, feeling proud, no hopelessness after acting in a way I don’t truly want, enjoying social events, not obsessing about what I will and won’t eat, not starting to binge when I eat something forbidden, not hiding away because I have binged and I don’t want to socialise, feeling more energetic.

Because these things occur the same day I find them so much more powerful than thinking about losing the last stubborn couple of kilos. For me, asking ‘how will I feel after I eat this’ is the most powerful tool I have learnt and I find it so useful.