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Julie Mann

Liz I know exactly how you are feeling and I do think that setting an intention for some kind of time/plan is really helpful post binge. Also, remember Gillian’s advice to remind yourself of choice after overeating in this way. That this is the moment where we would be tempted to say, “I have to stop doing this” and instead you say, “I can keep overeating and binging for the rest of my life…it’s my choice…and I get to not sleep and feel sick…” (something like that, Gillian does it better). And then return to the non-weight motivations of feeling well, sleeping well, etc. And also, expect AD to arise in the evenings because you’ve practiced that, so it won’t be a surprise or something to fear. Instead you can get excited because it’s only when you have the AD and work through it that you can change your brain. So you can say, “Oh here you are, good, now I get to practice allowing you and change my brain…”