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Hi Julia, just interested in following this thread as I had never heard of the CHIP program. Just looking up some of the background, I’d be curious to know how this would work with Gillian’s approach as it seems to be based on restriction, eg one site says the CHIP program encourages a diet that is vegetarian and avoid caffeine, rich and highly refined foods, hot condiments and spices, and alcohol. That all sounds like good choices, but I wonder if the way it is phrased as a diet might bring on feelings of being restricted?

I have a friend who periodically ‘eats keto’ and although I am not entirely sure what that involves, she seems to experience many of the problems described on the course, like yo-yo dieting and bingeing.

I’m interested to hear what Gillian says about it, as there seem to be very sound ideas about what it would be good to eat less of (and more of!).

Thanks for posting; am learning such a lot of new stuff on here!