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Anne Marie,

I look at this in the same way as I look at defining “addictive eating” – as a matter of degree rather than a black-and-white Yes or No.

I don’t see it as a flaw, to insist (as I do) that the boundaries of addictive overeating are inevitably approximate. A mountain is no less a mountain because its edges are vague. And I am more than happy to live with addictive overeating (= eating more food than I need) a lot less than I used to do, and a lot less than I think I’d do if I didn’t know how to navigate feelings of desire.

I feel in control, and confident that I’d be able to make any more changes should I see a reason to do so. Sometimes I eat sugar and very occasionally I eat in a way I later regret. I think it’s a matter of being good enough, rather than driving myself towards a never-enough illusion of perfection.

I hope that answers your question, although maybe more than you asked for!