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Hi Grace

First, it might be a good idea to take a look at the video at 5.4 on the Dashboard to get your head around following advice and nutritional recommendations of any kind. It’s very easy to fall into the compliance/rebellion cycle, no matter what macronutrient content you consume. Part of avoiding this trap will be not following instructions too closely, in a rigid way.

Secondly, it’s often said that it’s much better (health-wise) to cycle in and out of ketosis, and this is apparently especially true for women.

Finally, when you say, “eating more starchy and sugary things just feeds the desire and weakens my resolve” I do wonder if there’s a particular mindset behind that, such as all-or-none, but yes, those carbs do tend to be more addictive. But as far as dealing with addictive overeating goes, it’s crucial to be able to handle that addictive desire. Unless you are never, ever going to eat them again, in which case the increased desire they create won’t be a problem!